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Village and Town of Mukwonago Police Departments are pleased to announce a new program called “Operation Reassurance.” In communities such as ours, there are many people who live alone. The Village and Town of Mukwonago Police Departments care about you and are concerned about your well being. That is why we are offering a free program to Village of Mukwonago and Town of Mukwonago residents called “Operation Reassurance”. The purpose of Operation Reassurance is to assist senior citizens, or people living under special circumstances that live alone. Operation Reassurance is a program designed for enrolled participants to call their police department every day during the time frame given. For example, if you choose to call us during the 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM window, then you will be expected to call every day of the week, 7 days a week, during this time. Participating in the Operation Reassurance Program doesn’t mean you must stay home every day to call us. You can call us from anywhere. We know that things come up on short notice or you may enjoy traveling. When that happens, all you will need to do is contact your police department and let us know how long you will be gone. If your call is not received by 10:30 AM, it will immediately trigger a chain of events that will not be satisfied until the missing participant’s welfare has been verified. First, a member of your Police Department will call you. If there is no answer, a police officer will be dispatched to your home to ensure your well being. We will make every effort to reach one of your provided key holders. In the event a key is not available to the police officer, forced entry into your home may be required. The Village and Town of Mukwonago Police Departments and their respective members will not be held liable for any damage incurred by the forced entry. To become eligible to participate, you need to fill out an “Operation Reassurance Informational Form” and turn it in to your police department so we may begin providing you with this great program. We also ask that you fill out the “Medical Emergency Information Form” and post it on your refrigerator where emergency personnel will find it in the event you have a medical emergency at your home. All information provided will be kept confidential and only used in the case of an emergency. Should you have any questions about Operation Reassurance, please feel free to contact the Village of Mukwonago Police Department at 262-363-6435 or the Town of Mukwonago Police Department at 262-363-5188.