Village of Mukwonago ordinance (Sec. 64-21 (b), (c), or (e)) prohibits, in general, the placements of any sign, poster, banner or advertisement on any public property by persons other than employees of the Village.  Specifically, private signs such as rummage sale, garage sale, open house, house for sale, lost pet, and other types of advertisements may not be fastened to or erected on any public pole, tree, sidewalk, street, boulevard, public right-of-ways, or other public property.

Signs which are illegally erected on public property oftentimes obstruct the vision of motorists and interfere with pedestrian traffic.  As a result, residents are cautioned that violation of this ordinance may result in fines up to $500.  Furthermore, individuals erecting illegal signs will be liable for any damage that may occur as a result of sign placement.

It is not the intention of this ordinance to prohibit advertisement or restrict any type of enterprise.  It is, however, important to confine such activities to private property.

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