Non-Residential Development in the TID #3 (Gateway District)

Page last updated September 15, 2017

The Gateway District (Tax Incremental District #3 (TID #3)) was created for large commercial companies as well as a future Industrial Park and some residential properties. Below is a list of current major Commercial Developments within the Gateway District that have either been submitted for proposal to the Village, are in the process of being reviewed or approved by the Village or are now in the development stage or complete. This page does not include conceptual plans submitted to the Village because plans change often.  Instead, this page ONLY includes plans that have been formally submitted for full review and approval.


Type of Development:  Commercial-Grocery Store
Location:  111 East Wolf Run
Contact:  (855) 955-2534, Aldi Website
Status: Complete

DN Greenwald Center (Pro Health Care/Waukesha Memorial Clinic)

Type of Development:  Health Care Facility
Location: 240 Maple Avenue
Contact: (262) 363-1900, ProHealth Care Website
Status: Various phases complete. Plan Commission recommended approval of the conditional use permit for a 2nd floor addition on September 12, 2017 with conditions.  The Village Board will consider the approval on September 19, 2017.
Development Narrative
Development Plans


Type of Development:  Construction of a 75,000 sq. ft. re-manufacturing facility
Location:  Dewey Dr.
Contact:  (262) 378-4303, Gearbox Express Website
Status:  Complete

Lynch’s Horter Chevrolet

Type of Development:  Commercial-Automotive Dealer
Location:  280 and 282 Maple Avenue
Contact:  (262) 363-4061, Lynch Mukwonago Website
Status:  Complete

Home Depot

Type of Development:  Commercial – Store
Location:  232 East Wolf Run
Contact:  (262) 363-7141, Home Depot Mukwonago Website
Status:  Complete


Type of Development:  Commercial – Store, Subway and Papa Murphy’s Pizza inside the store
Location:  250 East Wolf Run
Contact:  (262) 363-7500, Wal-Mart Mukwonago Website
Status:  Complete

Former Westbury Bank

Type of Development:  Commercial – Bank and office building.
Location:  1231 S. Rochester St.
Contact:  Dale Hittman Realty, (262) 569-5777
Status:  Complete


Type of Development:  Athletic/Community Services Building
Location:  245 East Wolf Run
Contact:  (262) 363-7950, YMCA Mukwonago Website
Status:  Complete