Economic Environment

Our resource rich community offers financial incentives, prime development sites, and existing commercial and residential properties. Businesses are well supported with talent and services required for sustained prosperity.

Commerce Hub

Higher than average income, education level, and housing values provide a base of disposable income to stimulate commerce. Our mix of big box retail and main street village shops draw consumers from throughout the region. Our industrial park expansion is making way for more businesses interested in working with a government committed to smart growth. These are but a few qualities that make Mukwonago a commercial and retail hub.



Collaboration serves as the cornerstone of our community. Ranked nationally for academic achievement, our school district also works with businesses to create educational pathways to match skilled workforce to industry.

Kwik Trip: 'Mukwonago Open For Business'

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Kwik Trip’s David Ring discusses the company’s experience working through the development process with the Village of Mukwonago. He describes village leadership as a catalyst to bringing development and growth to Mukwonago.

Citizens Bank: 'Mukwonago Aggressively Growing'

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Citizens Bank’s Charlie Miller describes village leadership as much more aggressive in pursuing development than years past. Developers are finding the village willing to listen and to take efficient action toward a mutually beneficial outcome.

ProHealth Care: 'Mukwonago Collaborates & Partners'

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ProHealth Care’s Ken Price shares his sense of partnership and collaboration working with the village. He compares the development experience building a regional medical center in Mukwonago versus other communities.

Lynch Motor Vehicle: 'Complex Project Easier Than Expected'

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Lynch Motor Vehicle Group’s Mark Greene discusses two facilities being developed in Mukwonago. He describes the complex project as seemingly unattainable. But after meetings with village leaders, the project came together easier than expected.

Gearbox Express: 'Mukwonago Cut Through Bureaucracy'

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Gearbox Express’ Bruce Neumiller shares why he chose to be the anchor tenant in Mukwonago’s new industrial park. His world-class manufacturing facility came together by working with village leadership who assembled all the right players to create an efficient development process.

Cornerstone Development: 'Mukwonago Asks How Can We Help'

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Cornerstone Development’s John Wahlen describes the site selection process that led him to develop multi-unit condominiums in Mukwonago. His experience working with village leaders illustrates a forward-thinking community focused on making development work for everyone.

Burning of Leaves and Yard Waste

Permitted in the Village on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. to one-half hour after sunset and Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00 a.m. to one-half hour after sunset.

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Village to Use Waukesha Freeman for Legal Notices

Please be advised that due to the fact that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is no longer publishing the Mukwonago Chief, the Village of Mukwonago will be using Waukesha Freeman to publish any legal notices.

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