The Village of Mukwonago last updated its Comprehensive Plan in 2009. As our community continues to evolve, it’s imperative we create a plan to guide development. This update process provides an opportunity for residents to provide input. To inform residents as they formulate their positions on community development, the Village will use this page as a clearing house of information for the public and for private residents comprising the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. It’s our sincere desire to have a robust and productive public discussion to arrive at the most effective Comprehensive Plan to guide our community for the foreseeable future. Thank you in advance for reviewing the following materials and updates.

Traffic Data

Community traffic patterns inform the Comprehensive Plan update. This chart compares traffic counts within the Village and surrounding areas on main thoroughfares. It shows recent traffic numbers for 2009, 2012 and 2015.... read more

The Comprehensive Plan update considers an array of statistics, projections and trends. Admittedly, all this can be confusing and overwhelming. We want to ensure your questions are answered. Please use this form to send your comments and questions to us. We will answer every question and address every comment. We look forward to your input.

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