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Page last updated September 15, 2014


Chamber Fall Fest this Weekend

Saturday, September 20, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Downtown Mukwonago.



Fall Hydrant Flushing

Mukwonago Water Utility customers should be advised that the Water Department will be flushing hydrants and water mains from September 2 to October 17.  The purpose of the flushing is to remove most of the natural minerals, which are harmless but can sometimes discolor water and cause objectionable odors.  Flushing will take place during those days between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The Water Department hopes the flushing will not cause any inconvenience for its customers and asks for cooperation and understanding.



Bulky-item Garbage Collection Changes to Bi-Monthly

Beginning January 2014, the bulky-item garbage collection will occur on the first Wednesday of odd-numbered months.



Proper Disposal of Household Sharps

Waukesha County would like to remind residents that improperly disposing of medical sharps poses a public health risk along with the potential to injure haulers and recycling facility workers. To reduce public health risks, Wisconsin rules require all citizens to manage sharps safely. It is illegal to put sharps in the trash or with recyclables and there are several options for safe disposal

  • Contact your pharmacy, doctor, clinic or local hospital; many health care facilities accept sharps but are not legally required to register and therefore may not appear on the list of registered sharps collection stations.

  • Take sharps to a registered collection station.  To find a site in Waukesha County go to and click on Medical under Product Disposal.

  • Use a "mail-back" sharps program, which can be found by searching the internet. The company should provide containers and packaging which meet U.S. postal regulations.


“We want to make sure residents understand that if they dispose of their medical needles and sharps improperly, they are putting workers who collect their recyclables and trash at risk. Much of this work is done by hand, creating a hazardous situation for people who are providing a service to all of us,” stated Rebecca Mattano, Recycling & Solid Waste Supervisor for Waukesha County.


For more information, disposal publications and other locations for safe disposal of medical sharps in Wisconsin visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website:



Do Not Throw Leaves, Brush, Grass Clippings or Snow in Street

"All obstructions of streets, alleys, sidewalks or crosswalks and all excavations in or under the same, except as permitted by the ordinances of the village or which, although made in accordance with such ordinances, are kept or maintained for an unreasonable or illegal length of time after the purpose thereof has been accomplished. Obstructions of streets or alleys includes the depositing or placing of leaves, brush or snow into the street or alley."  Sec. 34-32 of the Municipal Code


Failure to comply with this ordinance will result in a citation from the Mukwonago Police Department.


Please Cut Your Weeds and Tall Grass

No person owning property within the village shall permit to grow or pollinate upon his premises or in the parkway any weeds or grasses, Burdock, Canada Thistle, Bindweed or Creeping Jennie, Leafy Spurge, Bull Thistle, Sow Thistle, Wild Mustard, Yellow Rocket, Yellow Dock, Russian Thistle, Giant Foxtail, English Charlock, Musk Thistle, Velvet Leaf, Quack or Quitchgrass, Wild Radish, Buckhorn Plantain, Goatsbeard, Harmful Barberry, and Marijuana, all of which cause or produce hay fever in human beings, exhale unpleasant or noxious weed odors or conceal filthy deposits. In order to prevent such growth and pollination, it shall be the duty of every property owner to mow or cause to be mowed upon his premises and parkway all grasses or weeds exceeding one foot in height and in such manner as shall effectively prevent them from bearing seed or spreading to adjoining property. The word "parkway" means that area between the property's front lot line or sidewalk and the nearest curbline or edge of pavement of the road running parallel or generally parallel thereto.  Sec. 34-1 of the Municipal Code


Failure to cut weeds on your property will result in the local unit of the government cutting them at your expense.  Cost will be added to your tax roll.  Any time spent on a property over three hours shall be billed at the rate of $150.00 per hour.  In the event that village equipment is damaged while mowing, the cost to repair the equipment shall be added to the bill.  The fee for mowing of weeds by the village weed commissioner shall be a minimum of $450.00 per property mowed.


Do Not Place Signs in Right-of-Ways

No sign other than those expressly exempted under Sec. 100-517 of the Municipal Code shall be erected, placed, located or maintained within the limits of any street or highway. Street or highway limits include all the dedicated rights-of-way, encompassing the traveled portion of the highway, the shoulders, ditches and adjacent dedicated areas. This prohibition applies to freestanding signs and those placed on trees, utility poles, fence post stakes and all other structures within the highway limits.


Any sign in violation of this section may be removed by the village or its agent without notice or compensation.  Sec. 100-514 of the Municipal Code


Please Pick Up After Your Animals

The Village Department of Public Works would like to remind citizens that it is unlawful to allow fecal matter from pets to accumulate on any street, alley or other public or private property unless it is immediately removed.  Sec. 14-55 of the Municipal Code


Failure to comply with this ordinance will result in a citation from the Mukwonago Police Department.




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