The Administrator oversees all Village departments, ensuring Village Board strategic plans and policies are carried out efficiently and effectively.

The Village Administrator serves as the municipalities Chief Administrative Officer responsible for the overall administration of all Village Offices and Departments except the Municipal Judge and Library.  


Responsible for the proper interpretation and efficient execution of policies and programs established by the Village Board and assigned to the offices within the Village operations.

Serve as ex-officio nonvoting member of all Village commissions and committees of the Village, except as specified by the Board President and Village Board or Wisconsin State Statutes.

Provide advice and recommend policies to elected and appointed officials, boards, commissions and committees for their consideration

Provide guidance and direction relating to the usage and management of Village-owned property and infrastructure.

Communicate with co-workers, supervisors, the public and board members on Village business.

Act as public information officer for the Village with the responsibility of assuring that the news media are kept informed about the operations of the Village and that all open meeting rules and regulations are followed.

Attend professional meetings and keep abreast of developments in municipal government.

Assist with and promotes economic growth in the community, and addresses economic issues confronting the community.


Responsible for Village’s overall financial management

Oversee the preparation and maintenance of the annual budget.

Responsible for seeking grants and/or funding sources for community growth.

Provide general oversight of purchasing, payroll and financial reporting policies and procedures.

Ensure Federal, State, County and other appropriate reports are prepared and filed on a timely basis.

Maintain a system of control to insure proper segregation of duties and budgetary controls.

Ensure proper investment of Village, Utilities and other Funds idle cash.

Responsible for ensuring all contracts are fully carried out and implemented.



Evaluate in conjunction with department heads the performance of all employees on an annual basis.

Evaluate in conjunction with the Village Board the performance of all department heads on an annual basis.

Recommend to the Village Board and/or Department Heads salary and wage scales for Village employees not covered by collective bargaining agreements to the Board.

Serve as personnel officer for the Village with responsibilities to see that complete and current personnel records, including specific job descriptions, for all Village employees are kept; develop and enforce high standards of performance by Village employees; assure that Village employees have proper working conditions; work closely with department heads to promptly resolve personnel problems or grievances.

Ensure and maintain departmental succession plans.

Ensure staff is cross-trained

Participate in developing the Village’s positions in collective bargaining and negotiating collective bargaining agreements, in consultation with the Village Board’s designated bargaining team.

Interpret and administer personnel policies and collective bargaining agreements; make recommendations to the Board regarding amendments and/or updates to such documents when necessary.


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Fred Schnook 262-363-6420 Ext 2100