Sample Permit Fees for New Residential Homes

Are you looking to build a home in Mukwonago and were wondering how much the building permit might cost you?  Listed below is the sample of the fees for the year 2020 for a dwelling 2,000 sq. ft. with a 600 sq. ft. garage.  Decks, covered porches and fireplaces are an additional $60.00 each.
Permit FeesImpact & Other Fees
Zoning Review$250.00Parkland Site$1200.00
Plan Review$250.00Sewer Impact$918.00
State Permit$65.00Water Impact$2,484.00
Building Permit$1082.00Library$1,463.00
Erosion Control$175.00Police$311.00
Administrative Fee$5.00Sewer Connection$1,758.00
  Recycling Fee (maximum)$132.00
  Property Record Management$200.00
Total Permit Fees$1,927.00Total Impact Fees$8,512.00
Estimated Grand Total $10,439.00