Make Downtown Yours

Collaborating to Shape Our Downtown's Future


The purpose of this site is to ensure the process of shaping the future of Mukwonago is transparent and inclusive. We seek a collaborative plan with as much input as possible from people interested in what the future holds for downtown Mukwonago. This website and our Facebook page are designed to allow you to get involved at a level that works for you.


Downtown Banner Program

The Village of Mukwonago is requesting quotes for services from graphic design professionals for the development of graphic standards and detailed graphics for a downtown banner program. We are looking for a quote to provide both an hourly rate, as well as, the number of hours estimated for the job.

Please feel free to email John Fellows, Community Planner


“In many ways, the identity and vitality of a community is defined by what is considered its downtown area. I wholeheartedly support the efforts to shape Mukwonago’s Downtown into a destination where visitors and residents alike will enjoy local businesses and cultural amenities, while staying true to the history and qualities that have endeared our community to so many.”

Jeff Standafer
President & CEO, Citizens Bank

“Our Village Board has always tried to work together with area business owners and residents. Our location at a major crossroads attracts people to our downtown. Mukwonago has long been a place where local and surrounding area residents have come for services and socializing. I feel this makes it our responsibility to help keep this area maintained, safe and attractive for businesses and residents alike. Our Downtown Development Committee was established to do just that. They are looking to develop and maintain the type of downtown we can all enjoy, not just now, but in our future as well.”

Fred Winchowky
Retired Police Chief, Village President

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