Village Assessor

The Village of Mukwonago contracts with Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc. to provide assessment services. There are no office hours at the Village Hall. Associated Appraisal is also in possession of all assessment files. If you wish to find out the age, square footage, and other basic information on the assessment of a property, please click on the property search link on the right or call (920) 749-1995, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Open Book and Board of Review is typically scheduled in the late spring early summer at the Mukwonago Municipal Building, 440 River Crest Ct.

Board of Review is composed of five members, including the Village President, Village Clerk, and three members of the Village Board of Trustees who are appointed by the Village President and subject to confirmation by the Village Board.  The Board of Review shall have the duties and powers prescribed in Wis. Stats. 70.46 and 70.47.

If you feel your property assessment is incorect, there is a process to rectify it:

1. Talk to the Assessor. Explain why you feel there is a discrepancy.

2. Attend Open Book. Open Book is the second step in an assessment appeals process.  At this event, the property owners have an opportunity to compare their assessed value with similar properties within the Village.  The Assessor is present to speak directly with you in an attempt to clarify the reasoning behind the value placed on your property.

3. Schedule a Hearing at the Board of Review.  After speaking with the Assessor and looking at the comparable properties in the Village, if you still feel your assessment isn't correct, your next step is the Board of Review.  It is a quasi-judicial (court-like) body empowered with three primary duties:  Adjust assessments when proven incorrect by sworn oral testimony, Correct errors or omissions in the descriptions of computations found on the assessment roll, and check the assessment roll for omitted properties or double assessments.

Village Assessor is contracted with Associated Appraisal (920) 749-1995 or email at [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions from Property Owners

Residents can review their assessments by choosing the county they live in and reviewing Associated Appraisal Information here