Snow Removal

Hydrant Snow Removal
The Village is divided into six plowing routes, five street and one parking lot. One single axel patrol truck is assigned per street route and two smaller trucks are assigned to the parking lots. On each route, priority is given to mains and through streets.


DPW crews will be applying anti-icing products that will help prevent the bonding of snow and ice to the roadway. Anti-icing is a pro-active approach to winter road maintenance.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces the environmental impacts of chloride use for snow and ice control.
  • Snow and ice control cost savings results in benefits to the Village and the public.
  • Improved winter roadway conditions.
  • Reduces labor hours, fuel consumption, and wear on equipment.
  • Potentially decreases application of annual salt application by 20% to 30%.

Following of Snow Plows

WI Statute Chapter 346.915 prohibits a person operating a vehicle from following an official snowplow, equipped & engaged in snow & ice control/removal, closer than 75 feet when on any roadway having a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less. Highways with posted speeds of more than 35 mph require a minimum of 200 feet following distance. It also requires a person operating a vehicle to stop not less than 20 feet from a snowplow at an intersection & to remain stopped until the snowplow resumes motion.